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Thank you so much for making the time to welcome our students yesterday, and provide them with such a valuable learning experience. Seeing the industry “live” brings their classroom experience to life and reinforces their academic experience.

Colin J. Bartley, MBA, Professor and Program Coordinator, Faculty of Business, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Stronco has always made employee training, engagement and growth their first priority. They understand that an exceptional customer experience hinges on exceptional employees. The latest initiative, the Stronco Internship Program (SIP), is a natural step in this company’s and our industry’s future growth. The trade show world has a wealth of exciting jobs; this is a great way to introduce the next generation to those opportunities and allow them to experience the myriad of options in our industry and then select the path that best fits them. I am so excited for what this opportunity means not only for those potential students, but for Stronco, and our industry.

Julie Kagy, Director of Operations, ESCA

We are thrilled that our valued partner has launched the SIP program. Internships likes this align with the mission of our association, developing the future workforce is a key priority. We look forward to supporting the SIP program.

Heather MacRae, Director of Trade Shows & Events, Landscape Ontario

Happy to see Stronco leading the charge in this initiative which is sure to generate engagement among the up and coming members of our industry.

Catherine Macnutt, Marketing & Operations Manager, Master Promotions Ltd.