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Need to get your exhibit materials to the show?

Stronco Logistics can fulfill all your event logistics needs.


We offer full-service local, domestic and International logistics solutions spanning all modes of transportation, including ground rail, ocean and air. With years of experience in the logistics field, our staff have handled requirements for major trade and consumer shows, sporting events, fairs and exhibitions. Our team will provide direct assistance to your organization from the planning stages through to move-in and move-out.

Crossing the border?

US and International shipments entering Canada require specialized documentation. We act as liaisons between Show Management, Exhibitors and Canada Customs and can expedite the time-consuming and confusing paperwork involved. We can handle all inbound and outbound customs documents, eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming delays at border crossings. Our partnership with Canada’s leading Customs Brokers ensures your clearances are being handled by licensed professionals with years of experience and long-standing relationships with Canada Border Services Agency.

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