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Solutions for Every Environment

As we begin to return to ‘normal’ life, the realities of COVID-19 mean we have to rethink and alter our work environments to incorporate health and safety measures that support safe workspaces. We offer numerous customized protection solutions for any size or type of space. Whether you need a purchase or rental option, turnkey or scalable solution or want to incorporate customized elements, we have a variety of choices to fit your needs and budget.

Types of Product Offerings

  • Protective barriers
  • Free standing or expandable plexi divider panels
  • Reception area barriers
  • Restaurant table barriers
  • Table, counter, desk barriers
  • Cubicles (multiple/customized configurations to meet your needs)
  • Signage (framed, free standing, posters, floor graphics, window decals, etc.)

Rental and Purchase Options Available
While most barrier solutions will likely be purchase options, we can also provide rental options depending on requirements.  Signage is for purchase only.

For more information contact or call 905.270.6767 ext. 2259. Follow us on Instagram @stroncocovidsolutions